Cosmetic & Skin Care Inspiration

Starting my cosmetology program last year was the first time that I was introduced to Hammer and Kendall where I was inspired in my make-up career path. Seeing how this dynamic duo took the beauty world by storm was a true inspiration for someone who wants to get into the beauty business. Now that I am in cosmetology fulltime and devoted to the world of skin care and the complexities of makeup and cosmetic techniques, I have a new appreciation of people who have made it in the cosmetics industry. Like other pioneers like, Shu Uemara, Estee lauder, Eve Lom ,Bobbi Brown , and Cocco Chanel. I really admire what these two have done and how they have done it, so many other in the beauty industry that I read about seem to fade away or not have what it takes to make it, they have and I really respect that. They have gone on the create a cosmetic make-up brand that is fantastic, I love their stuff and hope to one day launch my own natural skin care line , but that seems like an eternity away, as I can barely afford my books and tuition fees, however, needs… musts and all that first. But idream of a day in the furture where like Hammer and Kendall, I am able to go into the beauty cosmetics world and strike out on my own and build a natural skin care line of my own and be able to mentor and teach younger people later one…and yes, hopefully one day inspire people interested in cosmetic and beauty industry to be inspired and go into that crowded business market and make a success of yourself.

From what I learned about Hammer and Kendall is that they have worked together of over 16 years and have a working relationship that seems to be built on honesty and aspiration in the beauty buisness. They are working partners that have worked with many famous beauty brand like Shu Uemura, Aveda, Tweezerman , they are a dynamic duo for beauty and make-up brands in the UK. When I am in Harrods and walking through the cosmetic department, I am always in awe at the vast number of brands and products and talk to all the knowledgeable cosmetologist …I can spend entire days in that place and always come our more inspired each time I visit it. To some they go the church and get inspired , but I go to the cosmetics department and get inspired.

I have tried various skin care regimes and am learning lots about makeup now, but their seems to be the overall routine of cleanse, moisturize and protect at the heart of all good skin care regimes, just like in applying make-up, you start with a good base and work your way up. I am not sure if I will go directly into cosmetics or try to stay in skin care, trying to specialize in both seems a bit too much to bite off. But I am an Irish girl at heart and like the wind swept rocky cliffs of Ireland, my skin is dry and requires constant care it seems, sometimes I wish I have oily skin and